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                          History Of Swinton Folk Club



The club was formed from a Guitar class in the early 1970's (1972 we think) and it's original home was in fact The White Lion Hotel. The originators were Frank Hughes and Roy Barker. Roy, alas, died in the early 1980's he was and is sadly missed. Frank however is still going strong and makes welcome if all too rare visits to the club.
The club moved through a number of venues during the first ten years calling at The Swinton Liberal Club, The Bulls Head Hotel and The Football Hotel before coming home to its roots at The White Lion in 1981.


                                                              The Oranisers


Ged Todd plays whistle and sings in a duo with Dave Wynn. He also sings in Feet in Mouths and The Hands and Feet Roadshow. Ged also calls for ceilidhs and runs all the guest boookings.


Dave Polshaw sings and plays Anglo concertina. He is the Folk Clubs accountant, shanty man and beer quality inspector. His wit is sharp and dry and his "one liners" are famed throughout folk clubs in and around Swinton.


Dave Wynn plays guitar and melodeon in the same duo as Gedd and also plays with Feet In Mouths and The Hands and Feet Roadshow. He is the sophisticate of the trio because he knows which end of a wine bottle to open. Dave has recently emigrated to Scotland but makes regular visits home.

The Penguin logo comes from the song by Nic Jones "Penguin eggs" and has almost become the club's anthem. We have an extensive collection of Penguins…..Please don't bring us any more!